Do I really need planning permission to build sheds in Mandurah? This is arguably one of the first questions many of our clients have when they visit our offices. If you are among those with this question in mind, read on to find the answer to it. 

If you are planning to build a shed in Mandurah, it is important to know where this home renovation project falls. That said building sheds are viewed as projects that make/create significant changes to a home’s exterior. Hence, it is important that you confirm whether or not planning permissions are needed in Mandurah. Of importance to note when on the subject of permissions is that there have been significant changes in planning permission rules over the years.

The main objective of these changes is to make the process of building sheds easier. In fact, some of the changes have been made to make some home improvements continue without any permission. Certain home improvement projects are viewed as “permitted development” projects in Mandurah. One such project is the process of building a shed.

This, however, doesn’t mean you can just build a shed design of your liking. No. There are certain rules put forward to clearly define a shed. For instance, sheds distance from a property boundary or any near-by houses. If yours happen to be different or contravene any of the rules put up, then you’ll definitely need permission.

Do have in mind that overlooking this step can be crucial. How? Well, you might be forced to pull it down once completed among other things. Hence, it’s always advised to seek advice from certified contractors in Mandurah if you are not sure. They’ll be able to tell you whether you need permission to build your shed or not.

Things To Consider When Building Sheds

As already mentioned, seeking advice from contractors when building sheds is always advised. You can, however, take certain things into consideration that’ll help reduce chances of you requiring permission to build sheds in Mandurah. So what are these things? Well, you should ensure that;

  • Your shed is positioned forward of the wall that forms the main elevation of your property
  • The shed(s) you are building is a single-storey
  • Its height is not higher than 4 metres (This is for a dual pitch roof. For other roofs, the maximum height limit is 3 metres)
  • The eaves have a height that’s not more than 2.5 metres
  • You are not building on a designated land (if this is the case, you’ll need planning permission)
  • If you are building between one or more boundaries, your shed’s height should not be higher than 2.5 metres

Of course, these are not the only things to consider when building sheds. For additional information, we suggest getting in touch with certified professional contractors. One such contractor in Mandurah is Trojan Patios And Sheds. They do have in place a team of professionals that’ll help you make building sheds simple, fast and easy.

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