Patio creates a great transition between your home and garden.  Whether your outdoor space is small or big, a bit of creativity, along with stylish furniture transforms a simple patio into amazing outdoor space. 

Here are the 10 handy ideas for a modern patio that you can try your hand on. From colourful tile design tips to charming country getaways, these fantastic patio designs are sure to inspire you: 

#1 Decide space or corner for patio

Watch out the available space carefully and plan how you want to use it. Whether you want just a seating area or want a dining zone with seating, work out on the decided space accordingly. 

#2 Bring shade with shed

To enjoy the food in the daytime, cover the patio area with beautiful sheds. The shade will not only make you feel better but also increases the curb appeal of the patio. 

#3 Add stylish outdoor furniture

Modern outdoor tables and couches will add more beauty to the area. You can choose round chairs, square couches and more for the outer space of your dream. This will blend the exterior landscaping with the comfort of a gorgeous seating area. 

#4 Use fancy lights

Well-lit patio transforms the outdoor space!  Select fancy lights to light up the dining tables, lounging areas and fire pits for the area. Enjoy wine with dinner and linger in the warmth of lights. If a fan is needed, there are plenty of outdoor fans that offer lights as well.

#5 Add Fences for Privacy

Add a fence to secure seclusion and ugly outside views. There are drops, blinds, battens and more that you can select for fencing the boundary of your patio. Also, you can cover the border with quick-growing bamboo. 

#6 Use Decorative Accents

Even after buying the best furniture, you may still feel like something is missing in outdoor space. This is where the decorative accents come in handy. Decorative accents like side tables, outdoor fountain, hanging chairs and more will transform a simple patio into an attractive outdoor space. 

#7 Fire Pit

A grouping of chairs around the fire pit, make patio more inviting landscape. Fire pit in the center makes your patio warm in winters and also give you an amazing feel. 

#8 Plant beautiful trees

Patio with greenery all around adds more style in your outer space. The potted plants, like evergreen shrubs, standards, and even hardy perennials look spectacular in house extension throughout the year.  It makes patio more inviting space.

#9 Attractive passageways

Use either concrete or stones to build an attractive outdoor passageway. There are a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes are available in both pebbles or concrete that you can use to create a textural floor.  

#10 Set dining chairs

If you often invite friends for day-long party and dinner, then a sturdy table with comfy dining chairs is a must. Use seat cushions to give more comfort to guests. 

Aesthetics are fairly self-evident, use aforesaid handy tips to make your patio more attractive and inviting space. If you find it difficult, then you may call Trojan Patios and sheds, they are experts in building the best patio in the area. To call dial 08 9524 6662, or you can also send an e-mail on 

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