Trusted builders of quality patios, sheds and garages

Trusted builders of quality patios, sheds and garages


Patio,  Garages,  Sheds

Providers of quality patios and sheds of all sizes and types, throughout the country and metropolitan areas of Western Australia.

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Trojan Patios and Sheds Pty Ltd

Trojan Patios and Sheds Pty Ltd was formed by the former staff of Trojan Outdoor Creations, after its doors were closed after 24 years. With a combined industry experience of over 50 years, the Staff at Trojan can advise you on designs, council regulations and building requirements.

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Combo roof patios


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Dome roof patios


Custom design patios


Angle Iron framed Garages & Workshops


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“Dear Sir
We would like to compliment you and your team on the structure of our patio at Belswan in Mandurah.”

_ Kevin and Jan Higginson

“Thank you for your professionalism and excellent service. Your staff have been most helpful and attentive and Wayne Brittain, especially, was positive and assuring.”

_ Trevor and Carole Leese.

“This note is to thank you for making arrangements to have the shed we purchased from your company erected some weeks earlier than was anticipated.”

_ Jodi, Lee

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